I cared not for consequences but wrote (elorie) wrote,

My crazy-ometer reads "red"

Apparently questions equal commands, requests equal bullying, and statements of the karmic ass-biting nature of witchcraft equal...wait for it....threats.   Of hexing, no less.

Yes, someone accused me of making veiled threats of cursing people.  Are you picturing this?

The level of histrionics has gone critical, Cap'n.  I canna hold it any longer!  The passive-aggressive wankometer, she's about to blow!

I'm so sorry that me expressing my thoughts and opinions has your panties in a wad and scrunched up your ass.  I am deeply, profoundly sorry that it's so very uncomfortable because your head is in the way. 

By the way?   The stuff you were objecting to?  Was me being nice.   Yes, yes, tactful even.  This is me being not-nice.   This is me mocking your pissant, poseur, junior-high dropout, frotteurific, pants-wetting whinefactory pathologically pathetic self.   This is me telling you that your balls, they are artificially inflated by the Internet, because you're too big of a damn coward to even encounter disagreement without running away, so there's no damn way you'd ever say that shit to my face.   Let me call the waaahmbulance.

There's a lot more where that came from, too, so don't provoke me.   (Oooh!  A threat!)   elorie has a big, loud, mouth, and that bitch just won't shut up, film at eleven!  YES, I WILL KEEP TALKING, WITH BIG WORDS, AND YOU CAN'T STOP MEEEEE!   Woe upon you!  Horrors!

Excuse me, I had to get that out of my system.  I'll go back to being a grown-up now.   Well, er, I'll go back to talking about something else...
Tags: dysfunctional bingo, feri
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