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  • Sun, 10:15: RT @neonflag: John Belushi reincarnated as Melissa McCarthy.
  • Sun, 10:17: RT @AtlantaMarch: Press Release in response to @sendavidperdue staffers claims about a "manufactured protest." WE DEMAND A REAL TOWNHALL IN…
  • Sun, 10:18: RT @Hal_Duncan: Trump: Many people are saying the Scots love me. I'm the most loved in Scotland. So loved. Nobody loves me more. Scots: #Pr
  • Sun, 10:19: RT @GovHowardDean: Trumps presidency may be shorter than we expect. Because of his early attacks on the intel community we will get a lot m…
  • Sun, 11:53: RT @neonflag: Looks like an inside job. The wife is unsurprised. Gun safe is cleaned out. Burn pile -- for destroying evidence... https://t…
  • Sun, 11:59: RT @dynamicsymmetry: Parents are being ripped away from their children. People are being grabbed coming out of church. You are monstrous ht…
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